Here, you may download the current menu.

Special dishes, e.g. our House Burger are featured on our frequently changing board menu!


Spaetzle buttons with Irish cheddar cheese and salad
10,90 €
Season salad with our house dressing with strips of marinated rump steak and parmesan
13,90 €
Cream of asparagus with asparagus bits and whipped cream 6,50 €
Ernas soup tureen: Beef consommé with small filled pasta squares,
beef marrow dumplings and vegetable strips
5,90 €

Our Chef recommends:

Fish dish:
Spaghetti with shrimp and Brunoise veggies in a saffron sauce
12,50 €
Fish dish:
Filet of pike-perch fish in a white wine sauce with shrimp, broccoli and noodles
19,50 €
Swabian Cuisine:
2 handmade swabian stuffed noodle squares in a beef broth with a bacon-onion melt and a salad
12,50 €


Saddle of pork au gratin with tomatos and cheese with creamy wild garlic pasta 14,90 €
Crunchy Cordon Bleu filled with ham and cheese, served with gratinated potatos and bacon beans 14,50 €
One pair of fine Bratwurst sausage with potato salad 8,90 €
Pork filets in a Sherry sauce with veggies and spätzle buttons 16,50 €
Argentinian Rump Steak with your choice of herb butter, pepper sauce or onions
and fried potatos or french fries and a small salad
200 gr. 22,50 €
300 gr. 32,50 €
400 gr. 41,50 €
Strips of turkey in a mushroom cream sauce with hash browns and a salad 13,90 €
Schnitzel „Vienna Style“ with French Fries and salad
12,50 €
XXL 16,50 €


Homemade yoghurt-lemon cake with lemon sherbet
5,90 €
Bowl of ice cream, 3 scoops, with whipped cream
4,90 €
Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce 5,90 €
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream
5,90 €
Small: 3,90 €
We kindly ask for your understanding, that we will offer a selection of above dishes when very busy to avoid long waiting periods.

If you suffer from allergies, please ask for our separate menu.
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